Wednesday, 18 November 2009

A Familia

I live with Mama Celeste, a stellar chef who loves loudly and rapidly exchanging fofocas (gossip) and wine with Coca Cola...

my 18-year-old brother who thinks he’s Usher and aspires to be Michael Jackson, and is convinced he’s just that cool...

and my favorite 10-year-old in the world, as well as my Portuguese professor, English student, traveling companion, chaperone and dance instructor, Junior.

Oh, and occasionally Jhonkikas’s dad, and whatever other relative/friend/neighbor/relative friends’ neighbor chooses to crash in our house for the night.
I have other family, as well, though. Like these guys, who I see from 7:30 in the morning to at least 5:30 in the evening:

And these guys, who are crazy yet keep me sane:

It’s a crazy group of health educators and science and English teachers, married, single, 22 to 50, recent philosophy major graduates to costume shop owners, from Alaska to Florida, all here for countless reasons I’m only beginning to learn. These people have some of the most fascinating stories I’ve heard, as well as some of the most diverse personalities. There’s no single “Peace Corps” mindset. These aren’t your traditional hippies. Though I think, to a certain extent, you’ve got to be at least a little crazy to do this job, and love it.

And even these guys, who people here think are my family. Redheads unite!

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