Thursday, 19 November 2009


All the mud makes laundry day a workout. I’m still getting a hang of the logistics as far as washing goes – for instance, don’t put your mud-drench khakis in with your other whites. Or use that water for anything but watering the garden, for that matter. And never do laundry when there’s any potential for rain.
This is the way we dry our socks…

Though if something is ever beyond redemption, you can always pick up clothes at the local market, open Wednesdays and Sundays.

…You just might want to wash that first, too. I don’t believe new clothes exist in Mocambique. I’m not sure how it works, but I think everyone just swaps the same clothes that have been in the country since independence. Some of my favorite shirts include:
@ “Westwood Elementary, Conneticut: Where Students Come First”
@ “Girls Rule, Boys Drool” (worn by a boy who clearly has not been studying his English)
@ Various company logos that no one has heard of
@ A Texas Longhorn t-shirt. The owner didn’t know what a longhorn or Texas was.
And, of course, the skirt/baby sling/apron/towel/bathrobe/headcover/political-statement-maker/Halloween costume all-in-one: the capulana.

Then again, there’s always one way to avoid doing laundry… Here, showing knees is not acceptable. Boobs are okay. I have no picture to include at this point.

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