Monday, 12 March 2012

Toto, I get the feeling we're not in Peace Corps anymore...

There’s running water.
There’s an office with air conditioning.
There’s a projector in my classroom.
I haven’t ridden in a chapa in a week.
My colleagues have college degrees. And a sense of responsibility.
There’s a supermarket that sells cheese. CHEESE.
My house has two bedrooms.
There is a restaurant that delivers pizza.
Heck, I even wear pants and shirts with sleeves to work willingly because the weather is positively bearable.
I don’t know when they kicked me out of Peace Corps, but I hope they don’t realize I’m still receiving my living allowance anytime soon.

OK but seriously, Chimoio is a different world, in terms of my house, my work and the town itself.

A Minha Casa

After a month of living out of a hotel, I finally moved into my house. I had often imagined that moment when the man hands me the key to my new front door. However, I wasn’t expecting this.
But this is what you call security. It takes four different keys to get from the street to my front door. Each outside door – three in total – come with a deadbolt, a locking grate on the outside and a bar across the inside. The porch doors close and lock. And there are two locking gates on a fence that reaches several feet above my head and ends in a spray of purple flowers. Meant to be.

And here's the inside...

A Minha Escola

There are certain times where I simply have no idea how things came to be...but I'm grateful for them, anyway. At the Universidade Catolica de Mocambique, where I was originally brought to teach English, I am now also the Director of the Communications program (something about the director they had in mind deciding to quit the week before classes started...).

So, I've got a group of students starting the first year of the new communications program that I get to introduce to ideas of press freedom, writing skills, accuracy, brevity and timeliness, and all those other things that made me fall in love with journalism. Unfortunately, I don't get to beat them over the head with AP Style and the First Amendment, since those don't exist here. Here are a few of my students representing in the communication's department white and blue.

Again, I have no idea how I just happen to luck into these things...but I won't ask questions and just work and hope they keep happening.